Buses and shuttle vans

Around town and around campus

Pullman Transit buses are free for students, staff, and faculty. Flash your Cougar Card to ride to nearby destinations on and off campus.

To Spokane International Airport

Wheatland Express offers for-fee shuttle service to Spokane International Airport.

To Seattle

Wheatland Express runs buses to and from Seattle during vacations (Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks), as well as on weekends.

Taxi services

College Cabs: 855-829-4487, college.gata@gmail.com

Pro Cab LLC: 509-338-0500, procab99163@gmail.com

Pullman Taxi: 509-339-9998


Ride sharing

Rent a ride

WSU Zimride is an online service to offer or request rides. You pay your share when you reserve your seat. Great for commutes, road trips, and popular events.

Van pools

A great way to cut commute expenses! You can park free during the day at Park and Ride lots. Catch a Pullman Transit bus from the lot to campus. The University coordinates van pools from these communities:

Commuting from Spokane? Use Spokane Transit’s CommuteFinderNW to find a carpool or van pool.


Rental cars

Zipcars are shared cars parked on the Pullman campus. You can rent one for an hour to run errands or for a few days for a trip with friends. To rent a Zipcar, you must be:

Bike sharing

If you’re a student, a member of the WSU Student Recreation Center, or a member of the Chinook Student Center, you can borrow a bike (and helmet) for free.

Safe nighttime transit

Don’t want to walk home alone at night? Cougar Safe Rides offers WSU students and community members free rides within Pullman city limits. Call WSU-267-SAFE.



You need a permit to park on campus. Prices vary depending upon the type of parking permit you buy.

Just visiting?

You’ll need a visitor parking permit. Get yours for a nominal fee at the visitor center.

Campus parking map

Find zones where you can use your parking permit.

Home football game traffic and parking

On game days, expect detours and parking changes. Arrive early! Avoid traffic by using the free Game Day Park & Ride.

Careers & Jobs


Community & Schools


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