“The potential to work on the genomics?and biotechnology of some of the?understudied plants such as apple, pear,?cherry, and grapes attracted me to WSU?Pullman. While one can always work on?these plants at another place, the facilities?and access to a very progressive industry?linked with the University made the?difference.”

Dr. Amit Dhingra

Associate professor, Department of Horticulture

Student jobs & internships

Finding a job

The Academic Success and Career Center can help you find a job or internship while you’re in school. It can also prepare you to launch your career once you graduate. Services include:

Student employment

There are hundreds of employment opportunities on campus.

Career counseling

Counselors can help you navigate the career decision-making process. You can even enroll in courses about career exploration.

Resume and cover letter assistance

Find out how to make a memorable first impression.

Career fairs

Employers come to campus seeking talented future employees. Don’t miss your chance to network!

Handshake job posting service?

Use it to help you find a job or internship.

Many of the University’s 11 colleges offer additional resources to support job hunting. Contact your college for information.



Community & Schools

Healthy Living

Washington State University
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