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    Empower yourself with knowledge


    Academic programs at WSU span more than 200 fields.

    Majors and programs

    Undergraduate majors &?minors

    95 majors, 86 minors, and 100+ in-major specializations for freshmen, transfer students, former or non-degree students

    Graduate programs

    Master’s, doctoral, and professional programs and more

    Top programs

    Many academic programs have earned?noteworthy recognition.

    Research opportunities at all levels

    In nearly every discipline, research challenges inquisitive minds, from undergraduates to post-doctoral students.


    Online courses and degrees

    WSU Online?is one of the nation’s oldest and most-respected online degree programs. Courses are?offered completely online, so you can study on your own schedule, wherever you have?an Internet connection.


    The University’s 11 colleges prepare students to become productive citizens, strong civic leaders, and?highly skilled professionals.?Research?conducted by the colleges’ faculty buoys the state’s economy. It fosters innovations that change lives?worldwide.

    WSU libraries

    The WSU library system is one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest. There are 3 libraries on the Pullman campus, plus libraries at the regional campuses in Spokane, Tri-Cities, and Vancouver.?An Energy Program Library in Olympia?is dedicated to energy-related research.

    Search the libraries for?books, journals, and digitized collections.

    Special sessions and academic programs

    Study abroad

    Study in another country, choosing from hundreds of programs.

    Incoming exchange students, explore the opportunities awaiting you at WSU.

    Summer Session

    Summer?courses for continuing and new students

    Winter Session

    Earn 3 credits in 3 weeks online.

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