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    ?The WSU difference

    Since 1890, Washington State University has inspired the next generation of problem solvers

    WSU faculty inspire discovery and spark creativity among civic-minded students. Proud alumni become leaders with a singular goal: making the world a better place.

    Life-changing research

    Discoveries that improve lives

    Health, clean energy, food production, economic opportunity, security—Advances made by WSU scientists?raise quality of life worldwide.

    One of America’s top research universities

    WSU is one of just 115 U.S. colleges and universities—out of 4,600+ public and private institutions—named among doctoral universities with the “highest research activity” in the?Carnegie Classification?(2018).

    Professors??among the best in their fields

    The faculty includes members of the National Academies—the nation’s highest honor for scientific researchers and many other honorees.

    Education that spurs action

    Academic programs for every interest

    WSU offers 95 undergraduate majors, 86 minors, and more than 100 in-major specializations. There are nearly 150 graduate and professional degree programs.

    Learning by doing

    Research opportunities, fieldwork, internships, and in-depth labs inspire you to explore topics with passion and purpose.

    Building global understanding

    Study abroad programs in 48+ countries on all 7 continents deliver priceless lessons about culture, communication, and the common good.


    Helping Washington and the world

    Mission to serve

    Honoring its land-grant mission, WSU strengthens communities across Washington. Extension offices in every county partner with citizens to solve local issues.

    Students who give back

    Each year thousands of WSU students serve their communities as volunteers, leaders in student organizations, peer tutors, and powerful role models.

    Catalyst for growth

    University activities boost the state’s?economy by $3.7 billion annually. Plus, WSU scholars create jobs when they bring their innovations to market.

    A community of Cougs

    A place to call home

    Most freshmen and many older students live in the action-packed community on campus.?There they forge lifelong friendships.

    Bridges across cultures

    WSU embraces students from 48 states, 98 countries, and many cultures and backgrounds. ?It invites them to share diverse perspectives.

    Powerful alumni network

    More than 200,000 loyal Cougar alumni span all 50 states and 146 countries. Alumni connections help to fast-forward fellow Cougs’ careers.

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