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Global Campus (Online)


Constituent organizations

Alumni Association
WSU Foundation

Statewide programs and services


In each of Washington’s 39 counties

Providing research-based educational programs and services—youth programs, civic leadership training, master gardener classes, and more— with measurable state impact

Research and extension centers

Mt. Vernon, Prosser, Puyallup, and Wenatchee

Conducting research to sustain crop health and Washington growers’ productivity

Center for Sustaining Agriculture and?Natural Resources

Scientists statewide

Leading research and educational programs in agriculture, food and natural resources systems that are economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible

Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

Serving all 39 counties in Washington, most counties in Idaho and, to a lesser degree, all Pacific Northwest states as well as Alaska and Hawaii

Delivering diagnostic services, consultation, disease surveillance, and outreach to safeguard animal health, the food supply, and public health

Superintendent certification program

WSU-certified superintendents in each of Washington’s 39 counties

Training more of Washington’s public education superintendents than any other institution


Office of Economic Development and External Affairs

Seattle-based, working with leaders statewide

Partnering with businesses to raise awareness of WSU research innovations, participate in expert panels and advisory boards, and connect to industry leaders in relevant fields of research

Small Business Development Centers

25 locations statewide

Promoting economic vitality by providing advice, training and research to entrepreneurs and existing businesses

4-H Youth Development Program

Engaging nearly 80,000 youth annually in all 39 Washington counties

Reaching out to kids and their families to build skills for life

Conference Management

Staff in Seattle and Pullman, events statewide

Organizing conferences and educational events of all sizes

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates WSU Wine Science Center

Richland based, engaging collaborators from throughout Washington and beyond

Providing research and education to support Washington’s $8.6 billion premium wine grape industry

Online learning

Online courses, degrees, and certificates

Offering courses taught by WSU faculty, so you can earn a WSU diploma online

Digital Academy

Offering online courses for personal enrichment and professional development

Economic impact

WSU research fuels growth throughout Washington and beyond.


WSU researchers lead a $40 million U.S. Department of Agriculture grant that explores use of renewable forest materials to spawn an aviation biofuels industry.

Wood-plastic composites

About 15% of the $850 million annual North American market for wood-plastic composite decking products derives from research conducted at the WSU Composite Materials & Engineering Center.

Food and agriculture

Scientific advances made at WSU support Washington’s $49 billion food and agriculture economy.



WSU’s world-leading experts in small grain genetics and breeding have helped to make Washington one of the most productive wheat growing regions on Earth.


Tree fruit

Washington’s more than $6 billion tree fruit industry leads the nation in production of apples, pears, and sweet cherries, thanks in part to WSU research and support. New apple varieties being developed at WSU will help drive future sales of the state’s leading agricultural commodity.


Wine grapes

WSU’s partnership with grape growers and winemakers helped create Washington’s $8.6 billion a year premium wine grape industry.

Small businesses

WSU hosts the Washington Small Business Development Center Network (SBDC), a statewide network of more than two dozen business advisors. Advisors help small business owners start, grow, or transition their businesses.

From 2006 to 2016, Washington SBDC advisors worked with more than 20,000 entrepreneurs. Those clients credit SBDC advising with helping them start 1,012 businesses and create or save 13,816 jobs. On average, clients’ sales grew three times the statewide average.

SBDC advisors serve the full spectrum of industries: manufacturing, technology, professional services, retail, and others. Their advising is confidential, tailored to the needs of each client, and provided at no cost to the business owner.



Bringing new technologies to market

Innovations and enterprises of WSU faculty and alumni have invigorated not only Washington’s economy, but the global economy as well. Among them:

More about WSU’s economic impact

A report on the University’s economic reach and impact (pdf) highlights the many ways in which WSU buoys the state’s economy.

Washington State University
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